Jereny Robinson is a musician, producer and videographer residing in Lansing, Michigan. Serving his family as a God-fearing leader is his top priority. His journey through life has inspired him to adopt a catch phrase. “Love your life and love the people that want to live life with you.” Reading the Bible can be complicated but Jereny has experienced it as the living word of God and let it transform him.

Jereny was born in Lansing and moved to Detroit as a preschooler. In Detroit his mom was able to provide well financially. During middle school, some unfortunate things happened and Jereny moved in with his grandmother. Moving to the West side of Detroit gave Jereny a different perspective on life. It was a rough neighborhood but his grandmother vigilantly imposed boundaries that kept him from getting too caught up in dangerous situations.

Jereny has always been resourceful and made good use of what’s around him. As a child, he recorded his first video productions using a black and white camcorder and wrestling action figures. He created dramatic introductions and entertaining fight scenes. In his first music studio, the producer used a tape recorder to make instrumentals to rap over. He used a Fisher Price Karaoke machine to record tracks.

Coye Boyer, Pastor of Kingdom Life Church, has been a significant role model for this recent college graduate. Pastor Boyer saw Jereny walking and offered him a ride. This is how they met. They grew closer when the musician and his fiancé needed someone to marry them. Pastor Boyer was happy to do it but he required them to go through a premarital counseling program. Jereny appreciated the opportunity to practice wisdom and intention and take a closer look at potential red flags as they planned their life together.

After they got married, The Robinson’s began attending Kingdom Life Church. Pastor Coye Boyer has continued to be an influential mentor in this producer’s life. Pastor Boyer facilitated a life-changing discipleship program called “Men of Joshua.” The program lasts 6 months and requires dedication and commitment. Growth and accountability are built into the program. Participation in this rigorous program refined Jereny. Jereny has been fortunate to find a few friends and role models that have supported his growth and faith. Programs such as “Men of Joshua” are valuable and should be available to all young men.

Jereny encourages others to discover and fulfill their “Purpose.” According to the videographer, God didn’t give us talents and abilities by accident. God intends for us to use them to bring Him glory. Jereny believes that passions and talents come from God. When we’re passionate about something, God intends for us to use that passion! The father of two works diligently to encourage people to align their talents with the best way for them to glorify God. He believes this is the best way for believers to discover their “Purpose.” He finds joy in encouraging and speaking life to the people that sit across him in the booth.

Jereny recently earned his bachelor’s degree from Full Sail University and upgraded all of his equipment. He likes to create a positive experience in the studio. He uses this time to remind people that we go through things for a reason and that God heals scars through music.

~written by Erica Munchbach




In our Blog, we share stories of transformation from the Greater Lansing Area.

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L-Town Jubilee

L-Town Jubilee

In our Blog, we share stories of transformation from the Greater Lansing Area.

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