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Laura Beimers, born in Spain, is a spirit-filled artist, mother, and wife. She enjoys staying active and playing games with her children. The painter grew up in a healthy family that loved the Lord and instilled a firm foundation of faith. Life with her parents and her older siblings, Matt and Sarah, was an adventure as they lived abroad and served internationally as missionaries. All through her younger life she went on short term mission trips to do local ministry abroad in places like Mexico and the Ukraine. Guatemala was a favorite because of the generous people and striking inner city landscape contrasting lakes and volcanoes. Growing up, Laura’s father, an effective evangelist and pastor, presented the gospel to everyone they encountered in the community. His, “Hey! Do you know Jesus?” was rarely rejected.

Laura first realized that she wanted and needed Jesus when she was four years old, playing on her family’s balcony in Spain. As she grew, God placed in her heart a desire to learn the spiritual disciplines of loving God by reading His word, praying, and conducting ministry. She remembers being told that faith is about relationship, not religion. This was confusing because the spiritual disciplines she loved to pursue sometimes felt like a religious to-do list.

Laura’s father planted a church in Florida. Immersion in the passionate Hispanic culture shaped the inclination of the future artist’s heart. She’d loved speaking and listening to Spanish as long as she could remember. God started a new thing in her with an opportunity to study the Bible in Argentina at the Word of Life Bible Institute. The vast diversity represented by thirty-six different cultures excited her as she studied all aspects of faith in her favorite language. She applied what she learned in her coursework about child evangelism through a service program for homeless children.

Throughout her youth, Laura’s Uncle Ken was a consistent tie to Michigan. Uncle Ken, her mother’s brother, is the executive director of Lake Ann Camp near Traverse City. Laura attended camp and joined the staff when she was eligible. In 2009, Laura arrived at Lake Ann Camp for what she believed would be her last adventure in the United States. The young woman planned to return to Argentina in pursuit of many dreams and aspirations. As they often are, God’s plans were different.

Laura’s future husband was finishing an internship at Lake Ann in 2009. When they met, God powerfully connected their hearts through peace and community. They were married in 2010. As an enthusiastic cheerleader, Laura’s husband influences her life by supporting her passion. He’s proud of her and delights in what she creates. He believes in her talent and encourages her to make time for painting, especially when she’s overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

In 2012, Laura and her husband started a family. They settled in the Greater Lansing Area in 2015. Tons of opportunities to share and create art and a variety of recreational activities make living in the area a positive experience. Shortly after Laura and her husband moved to Lansing, things started shifting spiritually for them.

Laura and her husband were tired from working hard and raising children. Relief came as God opened their hearts and the Holy Spirit pursued them. The couple was mentored by mature, spirit-filled believers and consistently engaged with teachings on the Holy Spirit. Eager to learn more, they read books about the Holy Spirit. As they grew in relationship and knowledge, God pulled back a veil and revealed a deeper experience of His holy presence. Laura is learning to rest in awe of the power of the cross instead of striving through her own will. The Holy Spirit taught her that God does not want burnt out and frustrated Christians. God wants people to live rich and vibrant lives marked by purpose and empowered by His strength and grace.

For Laura, growing up as a Christian meant praying, reading your Bible, evangelizing, and doing ministry. Loving God well consisted of doing those things, religiously. Getting better acquainted with the Holy Spirit was an integral part of the process by which God broke her free from religion. She learned to recognize God’s voice and heard Him say to her, “I’m in everything; from the mundane to the extravagant. You can experience me while doing the dishes and while creating art. I love and enjoy the natural world. I’m entreating you to partner with me and enjoy me as you enjoy my creation.”

In 2019, the Holy Spirit introduced Laura to prophetic painting and led her to create art. She took art classes in high school but didn’t take painting seriously. As a busy wife and mother with a long Christian to-do list, everything seemed more important than painting. Until recently, Laura didn’t understand the potential of art as a ministry or it’s power to speak life and truth over people. Laura’s dedication and commitment to painting grew as God showed her how the power of the cross could manifest through her artwork.

Laura finds special joy in creating pieces that touch the heart. Her art comes to fruition by a partnership between her and the Holy Spirit. Even simple projects embody some aspect of the heart of the Father. Creating art with God is a joyful experience. Light is multi-dimensional, just like there are so many dimensions to God’s heart. Laura prays that her art wakes people up to the light of Christ which is already shining on them. She wants them to experience a spiritual shift and wake up with a hope and passion for Jesus and a knowledge about how loved they are by God. She wants people to understand that God takes delight in them.

Laura gets started on a painting by communicating with God. She asks for his guidance even with simple concepts. She inquires, “God, how do you feel about this topic? Which colors should I use? How do I portray your message to your people?” She asks God to guide the stroke of her brush. Painting with God has brought healing, intimacy, and restoration to Laura’s relationship with her creator. Through painting, she experiences joy in the presence of God by enjoying the desires he has put in her,her desires, talent she has been given, and passion for His creation.

Sometimes Laura is commissioned to create a special painting. When people ask her to paint something that seems negative, she asks God to trade the ashes of that person’s brokenness for the beauty of a new hope represented by her art. In these situations, Laura asks God, “What do you want me to show this person? How do you want me to love them through this art? Please help me bring forth beauty and goodness and portray it on the canvas.”

Painting has taught Laura about joy in the journey of life. Obedience to God requires exploring what it means to enjoy and delight in God’s creation. Laura is grateful that she’s learned to do this by experiencing her faith as a partnership with a big God. Laura believes that God wants us to enjoy his presence and partnership like the twirling and giggling little girl on the balcony in Spain. Click here to connect with Laura and check out more of her art.



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