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5 min readMar 30, 2021


The Horn family, led by national gospel recording artists Darren and AnnaMaria Horn, fight their battles with prayer. Victory over conflict through prayer has birthed an initiative that will impact youth from all nations. “YPray,” a platform currently being developed by the entire Horn family, will provide children with the tools and resources they need to pray vigilantly and effectively. The family has come to be known affectionately as The Horn Section. AnnaMaria Horn, the children’s mother, has been working with them individually and collectively to assist them in contributing to “YPray.”

The youngest member of The Horn Section knows a lot about God. Sovereign, age five, has learned that Jesus died on the cross and that Jonah was eaten by a big fish. Sovereign enjoys curling up with his Avengers blanket and watching animated Bible stories. Sovereign says that God is fun. God plays with toys with the young encourager and helps him calm down when he’s angry. Ephesians 4:32 encourages him to be kind, gentle-hearted, and patient. Click here to get to know Sovereign.

Kingson, age 7, loves the story of Adam and Eve. He remembers an Autumn afternoon when God called him to look out the window at two trees. One tree was barren with no sign of life and the other was beautiful with a lot of golden leaves. God told Kingson that the tree with no leaves represented the tree of good and evil that Adam and Eve were not to eat from. The fruitful tree represents the blessings that are available to humanity when we’re obedient. Matthew 18:3 is significant to Kingson because it reminds him how important children are to God. Click here to get to know Kingson.

Heiress, age nine, finds edification in the books of Proverbs and Revelation. Her favorite things to do are praying, worshiping, and falling under the love of the Lord. Heiress is confident that God sent the Coronavirus Pandemic as punishment for humanity’s disobedience and collective iniquity. Reflecting on Isaiah 50:1 confirms that for her. Heiress has learned to trust God and feels blessed to be part of an amazing family that prioritizes serving Him. Click here to get to know Heiress.

Zion, age eleven, is growing close to God and learning to recognize His voice. Zion says the best thing about being part of The Horn Section is recording music and sharing it on Facebook. He enjoys receiving compliments from the community. Reflecting on Isaiah 11:3 has given Zion valuable lessons to share. The young teacher recognizes that people usually don’t delight in fear and that’s why it’s been exhilarating to discover that fearing God is a good thing! Click here to get to know Zion.

Thirteen year old Symphany is proud of the way The Horn Section comes back together after arguments. They come together and play at the end of the day. Reflecting on Isaiah 12:1 has given Symphany an opportunity to understand grace. Some of the decisions she makes when she tries to do things without God make Him angry. The fashion designer grateful that He turns his anger away from her and gives her another chance to get it right. Click here to get to know Symphany.

AnnaMaria Horn’s parents divorced when she was young. Her mother required AnnaMaria and her siblings to gather in a circle for prayer before school. They were not allowed to leave home until after they prayed and confessed the word of God together. The Horn Family is building on that legacy by giving children the tools they need in their own home. The goal is to give children the vocabulary required to go deeper and pray prayers with substance and not just wish lists and struggles. “YPray” will grow into an online series that differentiates and describes different types of prayer. Children will learn to pray God’s word back to Him with the goal being to eventually incorporate this scripture into regular conversation. Before long, the next generation will be praying over our president, praying for their neighbors, pastors, relationships, and futures.

AnnaMaria carries a wonderful, pleasant burden for teaching youth that they can know God and be used by him powerfully, right now. They don’t have to wait until they’re an adult to serve God. For the mom of five, reflecting on Ecclesiastes 12:1 confirms that it’s important for youth to learn how to execute their faith through prayer, praise and worship. AnnaMaria desires that children everywhere know the presence and power of God for themselves. She wants them to know the voice of God for themselves so they have something to draw on when safe adults aren’t around. If they are equipped with a relationship with God and the ability to discern His voice, Youth can make decisions and choices that are not going to derail them from their destiny and purpose.

The Horn Section singing “Waterfall” early in 2021.

The Horn family plans to continue running through every door God opens with a resounding “YES!” The Horn Section will be making a special appearance at an upcoming virtual event, “The Gospel Jazz HipHop Jam.” Click here for more information about this concert. Click here to check out The Horn Section’s website. Click here to check out The Horn Section on YouTube. Click here to follow The Horn Section on Facebook. Click here to follow The Horn Section on Instagram. Click here to purchase YPray t-shirts. Click here to purchase The Horn Section apparel. AnnaMaria prays that God continues to show her how to cultivate her family well.



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